Solar eclipse december 11 2019 indian astrology

Chasing the allure of success is motivated by deep sense of inferiority, a fear of not being competent, respected and in control.

And so, the shadow side of Capricorn; fear, frustration, isolation, despair, depression and desolation will rear its ugly head over the next 18 months. Observe these qualities in the collective, and within your own life.

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Of course, with every challenge the cosmic language of astrology offers a solution. That balancing energy is Cancer, where the north node unfolds. In contrast, South node Capricorn is the father who coldly sets boundaries without a sense of compassion.


Solar Eclipse Guide 12222: When, Where & How to See Them

Feel the fear and build your home base anyway. North node Cancer asks us to accept, cultivate and act from our emotional center. Positive Cancer accepts tears, and even fears if they generate from the heart. Compassion for others comes easier when we feel safe. North node Cancer asks us to cultivate our compassion for others by first taking care of our own security needs; food, clothing and shelter.

Cancer is personal. All things domestic may be more in vogue over the next few months. For example, we may see an upswing and interest in the traditional home arts; home cooking, food preservation such as canning, home crafts such as soap and candle making, knitting, and quilt making. The collective consciousness may return to the imago of the nurturing home environment; self-sufficient and safe.

Genealogical research will flourish.

Historical novels may become more popular, as will an increased interest in antiques and artifacts. We could see more tender-hearted stories of adoptees who reunite with their birth families.

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A strong sense of family shields one from the vicissitudes of the outer world. The north node in Cancer will lead us towards a personal and collective vision of what family and belonging means. September 11 th ; a date which resonates in history. The terror attacks on the U. As it happened, Mars was conjunct the South Node in Capricorn, and, an explosion of Capricorn negativity followed; fear, frustration, insecurity, grief, depression and despair.

Another behavior was evident in the United States; citizens tended to treat each other with greater tolerance and kindness. Of course, the United States of America is a Cancer entity.

Annular Solar Eclipse of 26 Dec, 12222 AD

The Cancer trait of compassion and support flowed towards India in in the aftermath of a violent earthquake which killed twenty-thousand souls and injured countless others. Another top event in was the world-wide economic slowdown. In the human genome sequence was first revealed laying the foundation for the genetics revolution. Fear was triggered during the winter of when the USA was plunged into the coldest worse winter in decades reflecting the cold harsh qualities of Capricorn.

Solar Eclipse Meaning

The best way to predict is to reflect upon previous cycles. What fears, frustrations and concerns did you experience and then hopefully release? Gemini: Release your tendency to control outcomes; Strive to cultivate a healthier self-esteem, reflecting an increase in prosperity. Cancer: Release partners who limit or use you; Strive to become your most authentic self, as you more freely express your feelings.

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Virgo: Release frivolous pastimes which no longer serve you; Strive to find compassionate friends. Libra: Release the demands of family members; Strive to nurture a career which reflects your need to support others. Scorpio: Release negativity of thought and environment; Strive to expand and explore new avenues of learning and travel. Capricorn: Release ingrained patterns of despair and desolation; Strive to cultivate a loving compassionate relationship.

The Turn of The Eclipses in – Cassandra Joan Butler –

Aquarius: Release stress and worry; Strive to cultivate better health and work habits which honor your emotions. Pisces; Release friends and groups which limit you; Strive to prioritize greater opportunities for fun and creativity. The nodes know! The upcoming eclipse will be the sole total solar eclipse to take place this year. As per a report by The Weather Channel , the eclipse will be going through a 6,mile path but only a narrow zone of the Pacific Ocean and South America comes in the path of totality.

It means people from only a handful of countries will be able to witness it directly. Here are five things that you need to know about the upcoming total solar eclipse:. According to space. As obvious, the solar eclipse will not be visible in India, but there a number of stream options available to watch it online.

As per Indian Standard Time, the full eclipse will begin at pm on July 2 at the first location to see the full eclipse and last till am on July 3 at the last location to see the full eclipse. The starting point of the eclipse will be from 4, km east-northeast of Wellington, New Zealand, from where it will make the second landfall reaching central Chile, reported Space.

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From there, the shadow will go towards east-southeast direction through central Argentina and will eventually come to an end just before reaching Uruguay. So, the total solar eclipse will be visible from parts of Chile and Argentina only. A partial solar eclipse will be visible in countries like Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay.