Vedic astrology predictions for libra

Or there may be clarity - you see your path but get unsettled knowing that may involve large push - you may have resistance towards long workdays, lots of physical and mental effort and that the results may take longer to come through!

Libra Monthly Horoscope

There may also be fears about what others will say or how your public image may be affected! Libra feels best when it is in a state of balance but right now it may be tough to maintain a state of balance between the external and internal. There is an increase in political ambition in some Libra individuals too.

The precarious conjunction of Mars and Ketu in your 4 th house for a longish period from May to November augurs change - sudden relocation, movement to a new office or change of jobs is indicated. While you may be quite concerned about your reputation and public image, you need to work on the frustration or bitterness that could be there repressed inside - a sudden event or episode may trigger an outburst that leads to a deep impact on your professional life and outcomes.

Those working in business partnerships need to be extra careful as silently held resentments if unresolved and festering could lead to break away or dents in your profitability. Many of the Libra born individuals may contemplate moving into the entrepreneurship journey, but initiating any new venture is ideal only post October It is quite a peculiar time for young ones who are a part of the family run business.

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This period may bring a sudden strong desire to breakaway. You may start a new business on your own or initiate expansion of the same work in a completely different location. Those in academic fields may suddenly become very restless and contemplate quitting a course midstream.

The last quarter of the year brings definitive answers and some positive developments that are encouraging. There are financial gains during this time and your monetary situation becomes much better. The finishing up of the Sade Sati brings lots of mental relief. What has already happened, is water passed under the bridge and not much can be done about it! It is a time to focus on life that lies ahead.

There may have been emotional setbacks. However, you have choices too - you may get trapped by the bitterness and emotional drama or accept the strange uniqueness of your situation and actively make attempts to move forward.

Libra September 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

If you raise your vibration and make your own energy better, you can attract better people, relationships and situations. Watch out against misdirected anger. You may use daily cleaning rituals to keep your energy clear and protected. There could be happy occasions and wedding bells for some Libra individuals towards the end of this year.

Purchase of a new property or moving into a new home brings happiness as you settle into a new routine.

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There could be birth of a child in the family during this time too. Try to maintain cordial relationship with father or father figures in the family. The Libra individuals may continue to have a rather tough time where health is concerned. There is definite recovery from past ailments but rather slow. You will have to watch out against issues stemming from excessive heat - stomach trouble, ulcers, blood sugar aberrations, acne, skin rashes and others. Wearing the Jyotish gemstone of your ascendant lord would be of immense help.

Get your suitable detailed personalized gemstone recommendation or a brief personalised gemstone recommendation before you get your powerful talisman! Thank you for submitting your information. Consequently, marital life becomes more pleasant and enduring during the year The Family horoscope for Libra individuals will be a mixed bag. The second quarter of the year will see peace prevailing in the family atmosphere due to the positive aspects of Jupiter and Saturn. You may have disagreements with seniors in the family. The family environment will be vitiated with monetary problems and legal challenges.

You should avoid taking reckless measures and think with a calm mind before making any serious steps. Also, take family members into confidence before you take any serious steps. Maintaining peace at all costs on the home front is essential. You may have to make compromises if necessary.

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  • Otherwise, these problems may have severe consequences on your professional life. Children will have a reasonably good year. Proper application and hard work are necessary if they have to succeed. Planetary aspects may impact the health of children.

    Libra Horoscope August — Love and Career Predictions | Allure

    If you have children of marriageable age, there may be good news on this front. Libra professionals will have a favorable first quarter. However, aspects of Saturn will create some mental challenges during this period. The second quarter of the year will have positive influences of Jupiter and Saturn for Libra people. As a result, professionals are assured of promotion to senior levels.

    If you are looking for a change over of job or transfer to a new place, the third quarter of the year is promising. The year will also be favorable for people in the educational field. It is imperative to maintain a harmonious relationship with colleagues and seniors at the office. Also, professionals will have to put their best foot forward in their jobs. Businessmen should not venture into huge projects during the year. However, you should consult experts in the field and seek their opinion before you commence a new project.

    Libra Finance forecasts for the year indicate copious inflow of money during the first quarter of the year. Alignment of Planet Jupiter is beneficial for Libra people. Therefore, you will have surplus money which can be used for clearing old debts. The second quarter of the year will be auspicious for acquiring real estate and luxurious items. This is due to the positive influences of Saturn and Jupiter.

    During the end of the year, more good fortune is expected. As a result, more money flows which can be used for long term investment. While you are making money through various means, your expenses also will soar. Therefore, keep a strict watch on your spending and try to save as much money as possible. You should make a workable financial plan to monitor your income and expenditure. Travel Predictions for Libra star sign for indicate the possibility of foreign travel after the second quarter.

    Even otherwise Librans will get chances to go round throughout the year. Professionals may be relocated due to official work. Health may cause some concern during these trips. Planetary aspects are not very encouraging for the health of Libra individuals during the year Though there will not be any significant breakdown in physical health, minor ailments will bother you.

    Hence, you should prevent the onset of diseases by resorting to the right fitness routines and a healthy diet.

    This Month

    You can try alternative treatments like naturopathy to take care of your well being. However, the last quarter of the year will show marked improvements in health. Emotional health will not be disturbed as you will not have any pressure due to financial and professional reasons.